Pre Order Terms & Condition

1.The expected shipping date for Premium Silk Perla will be on the 10th January 2022.

 2. We will do our best to ship in accordance with the expected ship date. If this changes, we'll do our best to let you know via email or Whatsapp.

 3. You are responsible for keeping your shipping and contact information up-to-date to ensure proper shipment .Please email us at if you need to update any of this information.

 4.Pre orders for Premium Silk Perla require full payment to be made at checkout.

5.Please note that due to the nature of pre-order items, we will not be accepting cancellations.

 6.Please do not place order if you are unable to wait.

 7.All other items will be processed for immediate shipment, depending on availability. So if you ordered other items along with the pre-ordered item, you will most likely get the other items first.

 8.Once you place an order with us, it means that you are willing to accept these terms & conditions.